open-throat RACKET

Open-Throat is a feature of the racket’s wedge (the junction of the handle with the oval of the string bed). Open-Throat rackets, or “de corazón abierto” (open heart) as translated literally, are highly prized by collectors because each variant significantly characterizes the racket. Also, some models are challenging to come by. Models like Hazell’s Streamline, Speedshaft by A. Andreef, Maxim CG, and especially Puig Superflex were commercialized for a short period between 1937 and 1945, and their fragility adds much value to the models that can be found in perfect condition today. 

Evolution open-throat racket (1925-1985)

Evolution open-throat racket (1925-1982)


Evolution open-throat racket (1925-1985)

Evolution open-throat racket (1975-1985)

Wright&Ditson All American1933

Wright & Ditson Big Bill Tilden1933

Hazell Streamline Red 1937

Puig Superflex 3 branches 1940

Andreef Speedshaft 1941

.1945 .

Fereust 1950

Grand Prix 1974

Adidas Mistral 1975

Adidas Hurricane 1975

Spalding BoronWood 1975

Maxima Aeroflex 1976

Gauthier GOG 1978

Head Vilas 1978

Snauwert La Grande 1978

Crown Pro Model 1979

Prince Woodie 1980

Head GLC 1982

Le Coq Sportif Concept 3 1982

WIP Panatta 1982

Slazenger Omega 1982

Slazenger Vilas Pro 1982

Slazenger Vilas V24 1982

Head Edgewood 1983

TAD DAVIS Imperial 1983

Rossignol GW 200. 1984

Donnay Midwood 25 1984

Spalding Lotus One. 1976

Maxima Torneo Mid. 1978

Rossignol C12. 1982

Wilson Legacy. 1982

Dunlop Flame Plus. 1984