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M E T A L L I C  R A C K E T S

Metal rackets (1924-1939)

Metal rackets (1968-1981)

METAL (1924-1939)

The Dayton Steel Racquet Company (Dayton, Ohio) began manufacturing rackets in 1922. William Learned, former tennis champion (7-time USA winner between 1901 and 1911), patented several models of this type of racket, each attempting to improve the former. 

Dayton rackets essentially consisted of a steel frame inserted into a wooden shaft. The cordage was also metallic, piano wire, considered unbreakable. Simultaneously, in Europe the Birmal racket manufactured by the Birmingham Aluminum Co. (Birmingham, UK) appeared, with also metallic strings, but with the characteristic that a thin rope was used in the grip area as a precursor to the later leather grip.

Dayton (1925)

Dayton (1925), metal cordage

Dayton (1925-1928) from the Emili Bosch collection

Dayton (1925-1939)

Patent Dayton

Dayton Pilot (1925)

Dayton Cadet (1930)

Anuncio Dayton

Dayton Clipper (1939)

Birmal (Birmingham Aluminium Casting) (1924)

Birmal (Birmingham Aluminium Casting) (1924)

Birmal (Birmingham Aluminium Casting) (1924)

Slazenger, Thors (1925)

Slazenger, Thors (1925)

Slazenger, Thors (1925)

Slazenger Thors / Dayton (1925)

METÁLICAS (1968-1981)

The emergence of the metal racket occurs in the early 70s when it appears massively on the tennis courts, popularized by great tennis players such as Jimmy Connors with the Wilson T-200. To carry out the production of this racket, the Wilson brand bought the patent from the French brand Lacoste, which had devised the system of metal rings to fasten the strings. 

There is a great diversity of designs, such as the interchangeable internal frame of the Tretorn brand or the unique handle of the Dunlop Steel International 

Spalding Smasher (1968) 

Tretorn, with interchangeable inner frame (1968)

Dunlop UDL Twinshaft (1969)

Dunlop Steel International (1972)

Wilson T 2000 (1972), T 3000 (1973), T 4000 (1976), T 5000 (1978)

Wilson covers T 2000 (1972), T 3000 (1973), T 4000 (1976), T 5000 (1978)

Chemold Rod Laver (1970)

Rawlings Tie Breaker John Newcombe  (1973)

Slazenger Plus (1974)

Slazenger Plus TM (1974)

Slazenger X10 (1974)

Pro-Am (1974)

Pro-Am (1974)

Head Master (1974)

Seamco Ken Rosewall  (1975)

PDP Open (1974)

Dulop Volley (1976), Dulop Volley International (1978)

Condor (1978)

Lacoste mid-size (1980)

Wilson TX 6000 (1981)

Head Profesional (1975), Emili Bosch collection

Wilson Rally Jimmy Connors (1978), Emili Bosch collection

Fred Perry Steel Frame Oversize (1978), Emili Bosch collection

Rossignol The Touch (1979), Emili Bosch collection